My boss.

Oh half days, you are my favorite.

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Well, that whole “I’m not going to buy anymore books. I’m going to use the library” lasted a good three days.

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Just spending the morning listening to the chief technology officer to the white house talk about public health

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so very brillz

Yes! Is it too early to start the N’Synco de Mayo/Bachelorette Party countdown? Since we’re under 50 days it only seems totes approps.

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Sunset wine tasting.

Not sure I can leave.

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Road trip essential.

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Scottsdale, AX

Happy Friday indeed.

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From 2007 to 2010, I spent a good part of my work week schlepping around the country, sleeping on airport benches and spending quality time in some great places (Rancho Cucamonga, Denver, among others) and some not so great places (Scranton. You could not PAY me to go back there). And as a result, we just booked our honeymoon flights to Hawaii for a whopping $345. Two people. Round trip. I could not be more pumped. 

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For as much as I heard about how I cannot possibly wear all the clothes in my closet, someone found these in his today.

Hello Pot? It’s the Kettle calling…

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Friday night: end result.

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